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+ 10 Other Reasons to Become a merchant on Ants Talents

#1 Easy to Use

With Ants Talents marketplace, you do not need special coding knowledge or design skills. It is super easy to create an online shop and product listings.

#2 Quick setup

No need for days and hours of work to set up an online store. Within Ants Talents, you can set up a boutique in just a few minutes.

#3 Discoverability 

This marketplace is new and need some time for a high visitor traffic to be developped. But we started to promote it in many ways online and offline. As the website traffic increases, you will have the advantage of many visitors browsing through the marketplace and seeing your products. That kind of traffic can take individual websites years to accomplish. People who look for a specific product on Ants Talents might discover and be interested in your product(s). For example, someone might be looking for a special book to buy and might discover and purchase products from your boutique.
Also, we will teach you through our blog, how to effectively promote your own boutique.


#4 Sharing precious truths

Plant a seed by sharing special messages of truth within your product and/or within your package. For example, you can add a simple thank you card with a Bible verse in your package.

#5 Do what you love & Love what you do

Share your passion and your talent by making it discoverable and available for people to purchase. If your talent and passion is to bake plant-based goodies for example, why not selling cakes to people who might need one for a special event?

#6 Reach more people 

If you have a local business, you can reach more people online. Local businesses are a blessing, but sometimes their geographical location can be a barrier. By having a boutique on Ants Talents, buyers from around the country can get access to your products and the option to buy them.

#7 Be part of a community

All efforts are deployed to  help you and so that sellers don’t actually compete with each other as on some other marketplaces, but are actually willing to lend a helping hand. Become one of the ants that work with and help each other!

#8 Low cost

We take care of the entire site maintenance, anti-spam, security, payment processing, etc… so that you can manage your boutique at a low cost and with peace of mind.

#9 Lower Risk

Anything you invest less amount of money in, is less risky. As long as you’re in good standing with your buyers and the demand for your product rises gradually, you’ll be able to scale your business without any trouble. The only risk associated with your boutique is meeting your customers’ demand if traffic grows at a rapid pace.

#10 Get Advice, Tips & Learn 

You will regularly receive marketing and business advice and tips by email as well as biblical teachings about stewardship, collaboration, business etc.


Please note that:


  • Only products / services / classes that are in line with Bible principles will be accepted
  • The shipping price of your product(s) will need to be included in the total price.
    The chief reason for cart abandonment for many businesses worldwide is shipping. Customers generally opt-out of websites on encountering a shipping rate at checkout. This is a frustrating experience. Hence, it is important to provide free shipping at checkout. We also do not have the ability yet to customize shipping prices for each vendors and each destinations. But this is something we will work on soon.
  • You must notify potential customers of your refund/return conditions and add a email address in your boutique details for customers who might want to get in touch with you.
  • After 6 months of trial, there is a small fee of $3 charged every 6 months for the listing of up to 10 products / services / classes (to list more than 10, please contact us).
    The first 6 months are FREE so that you can try the platform and evaluate your sales and growth, and decide to continue your boutique or not.
    There are two fees involved upon each sale: A transaction fee: 6.5% + a payment processing fee: 3.5%
    We accord a lot of importance to transparency and we want you to understand these fees. Please take into consideration that such a website requires a lot of work, maintenance, and fees on our end. These fees help us cover the transactions fees that we being charged on our end, and help us cover the website hosting fees, security, maintenance, size, capacity and more.
  • The number of image per product is limited to 5. But contact us if you might need to add more.
  • You must have a Paypal account to receive your withdrawal money. Please note that PayPal might charge you a fee when you will receive your withdrawal money. Withdrawal money is sent each month around the 15th. It can be sent earlier by contacting us.
  • By becoming a vendor, you will also receive a newsletter regularly to give you news, info and tips to help you sell your products with integrity, and satisfy your customers.

Register in less than 2 minutes

#1 – Click on the “Register” button below and follow the quick & easy steps as indicated on the screen that you will see.

#2 – Once you have registered, an admin will approve you (or might deny) your account.
Upon approval, you will then be able to add products and customize your shop by adding a banner image and a logo.
Your products will also be checked and approved.

You can find extra help from our Help center for merchants page.



Contact us if you have any questions or if you need help.




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